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We raise and harvest all the hay for the 150 head of buffalo on Red Run Farm. There is still plenty of room on the 250 acres for the herd to roam and graze. In the spring of 2007, the heifers gave birth to approximately 80 calves.


tour-pix-1 In addition to grazing and farmland, the farm consists of a hay barn, equipment barn and office, 2 horse shelters, an elaborate buffalo corral system and squeeze shoot, and a chicken coop with 6 layers. The large barn (right) also serves as a gathering place for family and friends where square dancing has become a part of the fun.

If you are interested in renting this building for a wedding, please call Steve at 330-472-2216.


horse-pix-1The farm is also home to a beautiful, gentle breed of horses, the Kentucky Mountain Pleasure Horse. In 1998, Steve purchased five mares, four of which were pregnant. That summer, the number of horses increased to nine. We now have 20 beautiful animals.