Welcome to Red Run Bison Farm, located in Chippewa Township, Ohio. This beautiful, rolling 250 acre working farm with breathtaking views is home to over 100 buffalo.

Most of the land at Red Run Bison Farm is used for growing the lush green grass and harvesting it for hay for feed.

Buffalo are wild animals so they are not kept in barns. The weather has no effect on them since they have thick skin, twice the thickness of the domestic cow.

A winding farm lane ambles through the acres of grass until you arrive at the more than 50 acres where the herd of 100 live and graze in various sections.

Celebrate in Our Barn

The spacious stone French Country barn is used for equipment storage in the winter and various gatherings in the spring, summer and fall. Family and friends often gather for square dancing, celebrations, and hayrides which often include buffalo steaks and burgers.

The farm is also home to a herd of a beautiful horses

These Kentucky mountain pleasure horses have a natural 4-beat gait which gives a very smooth ride. Pleasure horses are a combination of Morgan and Tennessee walker. Just watching them run is a pleasure.

Tours of the farm can be scheduled by appointment.

The farm has a variety of trails through fields and woods for riding in all seasons.

A couple of ponds round out the peaceful landscape where fishing and canoeing are part of the fun.